Eye Gaze Chess

Optimized for eye trackers -- Play chess against the computer or online at lichess.org against players around the world. And Puzzles too.

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Eye Gaze Chess is optimized for eye trackers.

Board Play designed for your success

Eye Gaze Chess is the only program where 'close is good enough'. The piece closest to your gaze will be selected even if you're not looking directly on the piece.

Two step undo

Let's say you like the selected piece but placed it on the wrong square. No need to start all over, just 'undo' the target square and place it again.

Eye Gaze Lock/Unlock

Stare at the board all you want without pieces getting accidentially selected.

Play the Computer

The Komodo and Stockfish engines are available for you to play against too.

Chess against players around the world

Plug into the huge player community at Lichess.org


The puzzle collection with the over 1.6 million categorized and rated puzzles from Lichess has been optimized for eye tracker use.

As someone who has a father with ALS, this is a literal blessing. I live in a different state and how I help him pass days while staying connected is by playing chess with him.

I feared the days when he couldn't use his hands and that chess would be done, leaving him with one less hobby.

This has a huge impact and I want to thank you for this development.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What computers does this work on?

    "Eye Gaze Chess" runs inside a web browser. I've tested it on Chrome, Edge & Firefox. I bought a "Tobii PC Eye" which only runs on Windows. So that's where I've tested it.

  • Yes! I'm looking for beta testers who will help me make it better. If you can be one, please click the big button above. And contact me at henry@chessvis.com with any and all suggestions.

  • Yes, "Eye Gaze Chess" is an eye tracker optimized version of "Chessvis". Puzzles, play against the computer and play online against people from around the world has been optimized. The openings explorer and visualization tools have not been optimized but are available now.

  • Yes! I was an extra on season 2, episode 9. The telethon episode. It was 5 days work at 13.5 hours each day. With some of the days starting at noon.